Christopher Beau

Outlier, Multipotentialite, Invisible, Running Errands at the Outer Fringes of the Universe...

With a career spanning nearly five decades, how is it possible that Beau is still one of the most “invisible” artists of our time. Christopher Beau was born in Lille, France in 1961. He has enjoyed doodling, drawing, sketching, painting, and making a mess since a very young age. While living in France he was enthralled with comic books, and their European versions “bandes dessinees". Beau read many sci-fi authors as well as seeing sci-fi movies. He was exposed to a lot of inspiration, especially when his family moved to Paris. His artistic foundation can be attributed to the many art galleries, museums, temporary exhibitions, flea markets, weekend art fairs, and antique stores he visited in Paris. Beau was also fascinated with construction games, Mecano, Legos, cabin wood bricks, other bricks, any bricks, brain teasers, puzzles, chess, and with real construction projects in Paris. Also his mother was very instrumental to his love for anything artistic, classic, aesthetic, beautiful, harmonious, elegant, and his father for all to do with building/construction.

His love of architecture grew as Paris provided all the needed seeds for inspiration like the layout of the city, the river Seine, the bridges, squares, parks, plazas, avenues, edifices, churches, and monuments. Out of his many travels to Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, United States, Mexico, Japan grew his love of old stones, ruins, castles, churches, old sailboats. Beau has been inspired by De Vinci, Piranesi, Dali, Escher, Mohlitz, Giger, Hugo, Adams, Moebius, Bilal, Druillet, Caza, Schuiten, Hermann, Meier, Gehry, Le Corbusier, Soleri, Khalili, and by European and Japanese culture of the feudal era.

Beau is committed to beauty. Art is his life. Creating has always been irresistible. He created on my study books and filled them with sketches, “alterations” he calls them, drawings, same with his notes, so my years on school benches, and they weren’t as stellar as they could have been. He is still drawing and doodling at every opportunity, drawing in classes, seminars, meetings, restaurants and everywhere on anything.

Beau currently works out of his studio in San Dimas CA. He has sold to private parties, collectors, subscribers, gallery exhibitions, street fairs and online via his devoted social media following for over three decades.

His work is impossible to catalog in just one category, both contemporary abstract and futuristic architectural imaginary landscapes, which he says come fast and furious out of his vivid imagination. He works mostly with pen and ink on paper, watercolors, oil, other inks and mixed media. Beau is equally as comfortable with black and white traditional style as he is with vibrant colors and bold strokes and he’s capable of combining them together to create a unique visual experience as he brings to life the deepest recesses of his mind as he likes to say. His work is both captivating and thought-provoking and unique style has been praised for its ability to capture the viewer into his world of wonder and discovery, evoke emotion and inspire contemplation.

By anyone’s standards Beau should be an internationally acclaimed visual artist by now, featured in prestigious galleries, museums and exhibitions across the world.

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